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See WA Kangaroos in the wild.

You can spot WA Western Grey Kangaroos every day on the banks of the Kalgan river and often see them up close and personal but born free, not in cages!

Albany is 420k south of Perth and the oldest settlement in Western Australia. No trip to Australia is complete without seeing Albany. Take a cruise on the Kalgan Queen which has a live commentary you can learn the history of the settlement both European and Aboriginal. All about the wildlife, a lot of which you see up close, Eagles, Hawkes, Pelicans, Giant smooth Back Rays and of course part of the tour is in a wagon which will take you to see wild Kangaroos. The Kalgan Queens dedication to wildlife over the last 19 years has put them top of the list on outdoor activities in South West Australia. Plus the Kalgan River on which they cruise is said to be the oldest continually running river in the World. The climate is Mediterranean which means unlike Perth and Margaret River you won’t have to swelter in the heat. Around Albany you will find World class beaches, surfing, fishing, camping, vineyards, and stunning scenic beauty. The Albany area has features such as the Gap, Natural rock Bridge and Dog Rock to name just a few it’s a place for all ages with plenty to see and do. If you only vist one place in Ausstralia, Albany has it all. Things to see and do in Albany.

kangaroo and joey

Western Grey Kangaroo and Joey on the banks of the Kalgan River. See us on Albany Tours and Cruises

See wild Kangaroos

The early settlers wondered how Kangaroos always knew when it would rain as they always gave birth soon after just as the grass was growing and there would be plenty of food for Mum and the baby Joey. The answer was found out many years later, the Mother Kangaroo is alwas pregnant and can choose when she wants to give birth. So she would see the rainfall and when she knew it had rained enough to make the grass grow give birth, the baby Joey would fasten itself onto her nipple in the pouch. Mother would have enough grass to give milk and soon Joey could come out and graze as well!

Kangaroos in Albany

The ability to stop the embryo from developing in a drought and then choose when to give birth is called embryonic diapause. Although there are as many Kangaroos in Australia as people very few people see them up close in the wild, or at best dead on the side of the road. This is because they are a wild animal, so the best and safest way to see them is on a tour with a professional guide. Not only are you far more likely to see them up close but you can learn all about them as well.