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Lake Seppings in Albany.

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The Walk around Lake Seppings is a willdlife and birdlife Dream. You can take a brisk 40 minute stroll or take you time and a camera and be there for hours.

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Lake Seppings History

Species of Birds

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Aboriginal Dreamtime

Lake Sepping’s History

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In 1888 the Lake was declared A Botanic Garden. Then in 1900the Lake was named Albany Park but by 1970it had become a rubbish tip. Department of Fisheries and Fauna recommended it became a waterfowl reserve so in response in 1973 Albany Council investigated discharging sewage into it. By 1981 the Apex Club started work on a board walk. In 2004 the work was completed. Cockle shells are still found preserved around Lake Sepping because about 22,000 years ago the water level was a lot lower and the level of the Sea may well have been as much as 140 meters lower. But it rose over the last 8000 years and at one stage joined Oyster Harbour to the Ocean at Middleton Beach. When the French were here in 1803 the water in the lake was said to be be salty to the taste but today it is fresh.So could this be a part of climate change?


Species of Birds.
The Aboriginal name is Tjuirtgellong; Sepping’s is a natural ecosystem within the City OF Albany in Western Australia. The area is a refuge and sanctuary for a large range of Animals Birds and Reptiles. There has now been at least 107 species of Birds found and recorded near the Lake. There is a bird hide provided which is open to all. You will find a bird watch sign showing some of the water birds you may see.
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carnaby black cockatoo WA No common Cocky.
A sign displays the Carnaby Black Cockatoo. This is an endangered species and the population has halved in the last 50 years as greedy Councils and land developers clear their coastal breeding grounds for land development. The area is also host to the Long Beaked Black Cockatoo Baudin named after the Frenchman who discovered the bird in 1803 on what is now recognised as the World’s oldest River, The Kalgan. If you are into wildlife and bird watching don’t miss a trip on the Kalgan Queen Riverboat which departs every day at 9am for a four hour Cruise 9844 3166. This Tour will show you lots of wild life including Eagles Hawks and Pelicans up close.
Aboriginal Dreamtime

Aboriginal Dreamtime.
Tjuirtgellong is the name given to Lake Seppings by the Noongar who are the indigenous people who were found as far North as New Norcia and East as far as Esperance. They also believe the Lake is the footprint of Djrat who in their Dreamtime created the South Western Coast of Australia. Tjuirtgellong is the place of the Long Neck Turtle, to which this day remain very prolific in the Lake. Each year they cross the main Golf links road to breed and lay their eggs in the Golf Course.

long neck turtle

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