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Kalgan River Queen tours picture gallery Albany

Kalgan River Queen picture gallery for information on the Cruise itself, times prices bookings etc. press this Cruises button but enjoy these pictures first.

Click above for a quick trip on the Kalgan Queen.

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The Kalgan Queen has been cruising for 19 years and is top of things to do in Albany WA. Please enjoy these pictures.

white brested sea eagle

White Brested Sea Eagle

kalgan river

Kalgan river

captain kalgan

Captain Kalgan and Sam

western australia kangaroos

Western Australia Kangaroos

wine tasting to much albany

Beware of too much wine tasting

honeymoon island

Honeymoon Island, learn the legend!

kalgan river

Cruising the Kalgan

upper kalgan

Upper Kalgan river

kalgan river

Kalgan crossing, possibly the oldest human meeting place

fish eagle

A White Breasted Sea Eagle makes a kill

kalgan river

Everyone has been on the Kalgan Queen, 08 9844 3166

baudin kalgan

Baudin a Frenchman dicovers the Kalgan 1803

green island pelican

Pelicans breed on Green Island

albany seniors

Hmm nice plumage, plus you got a $10 seniour discount

major lockyer

Jon the Con and Major Lockyer

mussel farm

See Oyster Harbour Mussel farm

oyster harbour seal

Layback seal in Oyster Harbour

kalgan queen

Giant Rays seen from Kalgan Queeen

sting ray

Captain Kalgan shows the spear and poison of the Rays

star queen of raptors

Star Queen of Raptors

whistling kite albany

Whistling Kite


Andy and Horace Clydesdales

perch the pelican

Perch the Pelican

oyster harbour

Kalgan Queen cruising Oyster Harbour

sam the seal

Sam the Seal

kalgan river

Just cruising the Kalgan

albany history

Albany History

oyster harbour

After Oyster Harbour we cruise the anciant kalgan river

kalgan river bridge

Near Kalgan river bridge

australian pelican

Percy an Australian Pelican

wine tasting albany

Wine tasting at Montgomery Hill vinyard

king river albany

View of river from vinyard

glass bottom

Glass bottom viewing

oyster harbour

After Oyster Harbour we cruise the anciant kalgan river

moutain duck

We see a lot of wildlife here is a pair of Moutain Ducks

mountain duck

Another pair of Mountain ducks

covered wagon

A covered wagon on "The Incredible Journey"

montgomery hill wine

Horace and Major Lockyer at MontgomeryHill Vinyard

great white shark margaret river

Great White Shark, never seen on the Kalgan river

nicole baudin

He named it the French river

albany riverboat

We keep trying to tell you

middleton beach

Fresh fish going down

kalgan queen pelican

You see a lot of Pelicans on the Kalgan Queen

Every one has been on the Kalgan Queen

How many do you know?

sammy seal

Sam the Seal

kalgan queen

4 hours daily Hurry they leave at 9am best book

captain kalgan on holidays

Captain Kalgan on holiday

sea eagle albany

Sea Eagle Albany

whistling kite

Kitty the Whistling Kite says thank you

sea eagle

Sea Eagle

walk the plank

Percy the Pelican walks the plank

albany convict

Albany convict


All aboard the Kalgan Queen!


Albany Clydesdales day one

Kalgan queen

Day one 2000

captain kalgan and captain jackpelican


albany cruises

Click on this .CRUISES BUTTON .for full information, times prices etc.

ososcar the osprey

Oscar the Osprey says "Gooday"'

oyster harbour musel farm

Oyster Harbour Mussel farm


Kalgan Queen Cruises picture gallery Albany Cruises Kalgan Queen picture gallery 60 fantastic pictures wildlife Kalgan river Oyster Harbour seals pelicans eagels just cruising Captain Kalgan.