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Albany WA the most beautiful of City’s in Western Australia

Albany WA is one of the most beautiful City’s in WA, situated on the South West coast in the state of Western Australia.

Just a one hour flight South from Perth's extreme heat or about five hours drive, you will see the changing landscape as it becomes greener and the Stirling Rangers with Bluff Knoll the second highest point in Western Australia, which is covered by snow some Winter's coming into view. Albany WA is blessed with four seasons and a Mediterranean climate which means it is a great escape to a weather pattern which is perfect for people, wildlife and plant life alike. What is a Mediterranean climate? Well we have on a average 30 days a year above 30 C and perhaps six light frosts first thing in the morning in Winter, June July and August. Log fire's Sunny beaches and good fishing fantastic.

you will find albany wa the most beautiful city

The Queen arrives at Emu Point boat pens in Albany WA.

albany wa stirling ranges bluff knollA little like Cornwall in the UK but with dozens of sandy beaches and a climate second to none. There are some of the top fishing spots in Australia both on and off shore.  Vineyard’s that produce a wide variety of award winning Wine’s at a price you can afford, top restaurant’s to taste them in and an atmosphere that can only be achieved by the history of the area and the friendly helpful nature of the residents. Albany or Fredericktown as it was once called being the first settlement in the West of Australia proclaimed on the 21st of January 1827 and pre dating “The Settlement at the Swan River” now called Perth and Fremantle by 18 months. Albany'King George Sound is rated as one of only six harbours in the World that can take any ship without having been dredged. There is accommodation of all types and budgets available [see Accommodation] from right in Town or near the Beaches or rivers.

albany wa york street

Albany WA Clasic car race in York Street. [Picture by Karen with a camera]

A lot of the main industries revolve around the port such as grain exports mainly to the Middle East silica sand and wood chip to Japan plus cruise liners call in on a regularly basis. Tourism is ever growing but with so many different places, things to see and do it rarely fells crowded. Middleton beach and Emu Point are just 5 minutes’ drive from the City centre on Marine Drive regarded by many as the most scenic drive in Australia. Emu Point has a quant village atmosphere where you can swim, fish or watch the Kalgan Queen as she cruises across the calm waters of Oyster Harbour. See the Sam the Seal bronze and enjoy fish and chips at the Squid Sack.

marine drive albany wa

One of many fantastic views from Marine Drive

boat pens emu point albany wa

Boat Pens Emu Point. Picture by Andrew Eyden

Regardless of speculation on climate change Perth continues to have scorching summers with Albany WA becoming more and more an escape route to pleasant holidays, while many are making it their new home. There are two rivers, the King and Kalgan, the Kalgan being one of the oldest rivers in the world. No trip to Western Australia is complete without a trip on Albany’s award winning riverboat, The Kalgan Queen, [see Cruises] where you will learn more about the history and wildlife in 4 hours than some people do in a lifetime.Wildflowers and Fauna are spectacular and there are many walk trails available or scenic drives should you prefer.

  While takeing in the atmosphere of the Town you will note a pleasing contrast of old and new, modern shopping centres a new Leisure and entertainment centres and then some of the oldest buildings in WA including Patrick Taylos Cottage. The Church of St John the Evangelist is an Anglican Church and the first to be built in WA. The opening ceremony was conducted by Bishop Short from Adelaide on October 25th, 1848. At consecration, the church could accommodate the total population of the town of Albany WA, 172 people. Building began in 1841 and went through many stages before completion.

saint johns church albany waSaint John’s Church Albany WA is the oldest Church in Western Australia. Picture by Andrew Eyden

Climate change has so far been kind to Albany with a little less rain in winter and more in summer, now it is green for most of the year. Albany WA a beautiful place to be and see.

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albany wa cruises

Albany WA the most beautiful of City's.
Albany WA is one of the most beautiful City's in WA, situated on the South West coast in the state of Western Australia just a one hour flight South from Perth or about five hours drive