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award winner Albany Riverboat Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruises award winner

Kalgan Queen Riverboat a "Sheltered Water Cruise"

Everybody's been on the Kalgan Queen!

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albany cruises kalgan queen riverboat CAPTAIN KALGcaptain kalgan
The Kalgan Queen Riverboat departs every morning at 9am to cruise the sheltered calm waters of Oyster Harbour and the ancient Kalgan River. Like a journey through time you will take the path of the first settlers as they discovered the natural stunning beauty of "THE NEW WORLD"

Click above for a quick trip on the Kalgan Queen. 

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All aboard! For the 4 hour Cruise {show} of a lifetime!
Welcome to Albany WA and the Kalgan Queen.

albany percy dancing pelican

Albany Cruises Kalgan Queen Sheltered Water Cruise birdlife great wildlife hot damper humorous and informative commentry and its fun."

Open 7am till 7pm 7days per week 08 98443166

Do you know “what’s up,” an ending to many WA Town names. Learn about the first explorers, how we were Frederickstown before we became Albany. Gooday my name is Jonathan, better known as Captain Kalgan and I along with my Son Captain Jack are your hosts on the Kalgan Queen Riverboat. We Cruise across the sheltered waters of Oyster Harbour and the Ancient Kalgan River. Bringing you closer to nature, you meet the Pelicans see the wildlife, Giant Sting Rays and find out more about Albany and its History in 4 hours than some who live here all their life! What’s under the boat? Have a look through the glass bottom and see.

captain jack and captain kalgan






Always book direct for the very latest information. From 7am till 7pm 7 days. 08 9844 3166 "Direct booking prices" Adultfare $105
Aussie Seniors $95 we are sure you earned the discount
4 to 14 well-mannered Children and young adults $70. Family 2 Adults 2 Children 4 to 14 $295. Thank you for booking direct!

36K of History Bird life and so much more on the Worlds oldest river, the Kalgan. Warning the Captain is not always politically correct,  he shows you White Breasted Sea Eagles and thinks a Grass Tree must be something people smoke!
mussels honey

Tastings vary seasonally now includes local natural raw honey from the banks of the Kalgan and Lewin Coast Oysters straight from Oyster Harbour. Plus a big serve of Dollys Damper. Mussels subject to weather condidtions.

albany cruises eagleYou can also find out about local Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. Find out the origin of many sayings used today, do you know why swinging the lead is said to mean avoiding work? You will! and a lot more.

glass bottom boat

Try Captain Kalgan’s Famous Hot Damper cooked by Dolly the Damper maker with Billy Tea or Coffee. With a live humorous commentary on everything about Albany. It’s said that if you have not been on the Kalgan Queen you haven’t seen or been to Albany.
With 33 seats booking highly recommended

map of oyster harbour
cruise direction map

Always book direct for the very latest information. From 7am till 7pm 7 days. 08 9844 3166

"Direct booking prices" Adult fare $105
Aussie Seniors $95 we are sure you earned the discount
4 to 14 well-mannered Children and young adults $70. Family 2 Adults 2 Children 4 to 14 $295.

Thank you for booking direct!

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tourism winner kalgan queen

This was written by a passenger on the Kalgan Queen and printed in the West Australian travel section a few days before Christmas.

Skipper Jack Jones cheerily wandered past the passengers lining up to board his boat. Then, to our amazement, he jumped knee-deep into the water to hand-feed a large stingray with fish he carried in a bucket especially for this daily event. The huge ray,giant sting ray obviously a local, gently took the fish from Jack's outstretched hand.

The skipper then ushered us aboard and proceeded to share his extensive knowledge of stingrays as he fed the rest of the fish to an attentive group of pelicans.

Jack also told us lots of facts about pelicans, their habits and life history - and all before we had cast off.

Earlier, on the shore, we had walked past another of the area's popular wildlife - Sam, the New Zealand fur seal. Unfortunately, all we have these days is a statue and monument of Sam, senselessly killed (by an unknown person) in 2006.sam and captain kalgan

Sam was a true local, befriended by thousands of tourists and town residents. A memorial service and a scattering of his ashes attracted a crowd of 450 people and an appeal started by Jonathan raised the funds for the memorial now on the shoreline. Another New Zealand fur seal called Simon is sometimes seen around the jetty.weather percy

The Kalgan Queen cruise has been operating for 22 years and was started by Jack's father, Jonathan Jones, also known as Captain Kalgan. In 2007 Jack became Australia's youngest qualified Skipper passing his final exam two days after his 18 Birthday. Jonathan and Jack both Cruise the younger Jones is a chip off the old block being both witty and knowledgeable.

As our cruise progresses, Jack, in a friendly, light-hearted and humorous style, tells his passengers more about Albany's history - including its whaling, wartime involvement, attractions and people than most locals learn in a lifetime.

The cruise lasts about four hours and throughout the journey, around Oyster Harbour and then some 10km up the am the seal bronzepicturesque Kalgan River, our skipper informs us on local points of interest, Aboriginal history and Dreamtime stories, exploration by early seafarers and settlers, the intriguing background to places like Honeymoon Island, why there are so many "ups" in place names in the South West, the giant kingfisher sculpture (several metres tall), and the wildlife along the way.

albany cruises Kalgan Queen is equipped with a glass bottom viewing area which ensures passengers don't miss anything below the water.

At several stages, Jack stops the boat to show us the huge, almost dinner-plate size oysters in Oyster Harbour; he throws fish to a pair of white bellied sea eagles; shows us how one of the pelicans (Percy) turns on a "dance routine" for a feed of fish; and points out the huge nest high in a tree used by generations of Ospreys.

Always book direct for directions & the very latest information 08 9844 3166 From 7am to 7pm 7 days.

• The Kalgan Queen cruise departs at 9am daily from Emu Point, Albany. The tour does not operate during the Whale Watching season July and August.

• Prices are $105 adults, Australian seniors $95 children 4 to 14 $70. Maximum of 33 passengers. Bookings highly recommended. 9844 3166 Charter or party prices available on request.

kalgan queen albany

Click here to see Kalgan Queen picture gallery. Learn more about Albany Western Grey Kangaroos. Kangaroo Tour

Sorry the Incredible Journey tour is no longer avaible we leave this page up in respect to our wonderful Clydesdale's horses Horace now at rest, plus Andy and Harry who are now in retirement on the banks of the Kalgan river.

albany tours


The Incredible Journey has it all.new eagle tour

The Incredible Journey is a Cruise Kangeroos Wagon and Dine Tour,

The Incredible Journey starts at Emu Point boat pens, right beside the Sam the Seal Bronze. Cruising across Oyster Harbour you pass Green Island, Western Australia's first vegetable garden, Fredericktown now Albany needed fresh vegetables and in 1827 a convict garden spent his days on the Island growing them! Today it is a reserve to one of only four permanent Pelican breeding grounds in WA. Passing the Oyster Mussel farm you continue up the Kalgan River learning about the History and wildlife of the area. Stopping to see Kangeroos in the wild then a Clydesdale Wagon ride through the bush with Major Edmund Lockyer in full Redcoat uniform and Jon the Con in ball and chains to Clyde’s Tea Rooms on the banks of the river for Tea, Coffee, hot Damper and soup before returning by boat to Emu Point boat pens. A truly incredible Journey. For full in formation. Times prices and contact click this TOURS BUTTON.


Albany Cruises Kalgan Queen Sheltered Water Cruise and The Incredible Journey, cruise Kangeroos wagon dine great wildlife, hot damper & a live humorous commentary.

.For all the latest information and bookings call 08 9844 3166 the first step in your great Albany adventure.