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Middleton Beach is near Albany

Click above for a quick trip on the Kalgan Queen. 

Use the Google map how get to Middleton Beach.

From York Street Albany to Middleton Beach about 6 minutes.


1. Head North onYork Street towards Serpentine Rd go180 m

2. At the roundabout take the 3 rd exit onto St Emille Way go 180 m

3. At the roumdabout take the 1st exit onto Aberdeen St go 80 m

4.Slight right onto Middleton Rd go 2.5 km

5.At the roundabout take the 3 rd exit onto Adelaid Cres go 900 m

You are at Middleton Beach.

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Middleton beach is the closest beach to town and only second to Emu Point when it comes to the number of people swimming and relaxing. Top for walking with two walks. The board walk to Albany or walking the beach to Emu Point. The three Anchors is a great place to chill out by the beach. You can watch the fisherman on the Jetty catching all types of fish and sometimes Squid as well..

When I first came to Albany 18 years ago it was the drive from the Town to Middleton beach which turned a holiday destination into my home! Spectacular views across King George Sound followed by the fantastic beach. I wondered what Kate Middleton's forefather Captain Middleton thought of it when he landed Governor James Sterling, the man who established the settlement at the Swan, now Perth and Fremantle here in 1834.

swimming at middleton beach

Ellen Cove Albany end of Middleton Beach

king george sound from middleton beach

View from Emu Point end of Middleton Beach across King George Sound's crystal clear water's


Good both off the beach and also on the Jetty for Whiting, herring, Skippy, Flathead, Silver Bream Shark, Salmon Trout and Squid.

s at middleton beach  

Walking Middleton can be fun and interesting throughout the year and Whales are often seen just offshore in the Whale watching season, July August and September. The most common Whale you are likely to see is the Southern Right. Why is it called the Southern Right? Because the early Whale hunters would target this species as it would float when dead. So they would call out that's the right Whale! Now we can just watch these wonderful creatures, often with their calves so close to the beach you can almost touch them.

Albany Tourist Guide

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