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Albany Tours and Information guide 2022.

Welcome to Albany in South Western Australia!.

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Easy to find Albany whats on in 2022 information for locals and tourists alike plus what things to see and do.

As each year the heat wave hits Perth with temperatures in the forties more and more Tourists are making their way to Albany for tours and a early start to a cooler holiday. Escape the searing heat we are only 5 hour's drive from Perth Busselton Mandurah and Margaret River with a mediterranean climate with few very hot or cold days. Spectacular beaches fishing rock formations and the Worlds oldest river, dont miss the Albany Weather, it is the cool place to be! ! Shots of a life time! Not just one but two of the best pictures taken from Albany Riverboat the Kalgan Queen 98443166 happened on Fridays cruise. A Osprey came down on a school of Herring right beside the boat just as a White faced Kangaroo appeared on the bank of the river, the two passengers said we just pointed and hoped, which we think is a filming term. Captain Jack Jones said we often see this type of thing but what great pictures.


Prince Charle Kalgan Queen

Welcome to Albany South Western Australia Tourist Information Guide. Albany post code is 6330.

White faced Kangaroo

Rare White faced Kangaroo.

Albany Cruises and Tours Things to do in Albany Weather in Albany Albany Beaches

Albany home to Anzac


Albany was the first settlement in Western Australia and named Fredricktown as such has some of the oldest heritage buildings and right beside them you find modern architecture at its best! This is an unlikely combination, but it works. Giving you a feel of the past with the fun of the future. Home to the legend of Anzac and where the first Dawn service, Lest We Forget, took place. This part of Australia is one of the oldest places on the planet Earth, dating back more than 4.28 billon years making the Kalgan River the oldest river in the world. When you look at the Gap, The Natural Rock Bridge, Torndirrup and West Cape Howe National Parks you are gazing back in time. Our beaches and fishing are second to none so you can take a walk and with a Mediterranean Climate you don't face the heat of Perth, Margaret River and the Mandurah areas. The Farmers Market opens at 8am this Saturday, it was voted best in Australia or this Sunday try the boat shed markets which are open from 10am till 1pm. Accommodation, restaurants, Tours Cruises and wine are well priced at the same time as you are getting top quality products. Take your time to explore this site as it is crammed full of local knowledge, we hope you enjoy your stay whether it is a short 6 to 10 day visit or a life time journey, Albany is truly Amazing, and "We always Welcome You".


albany wasunrise


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The headings above are only for brief information about specific topics, but if you just scroll down and read through the page you will find all about Albany and everything you want to know.  

senator colebeck with rick wilson mp

Senator Colebeck Minister for Tourism

Albany tourism is discused at Discovery Bay by the Minister [left] Jonathan Jones Kalgan Queen proprietor and Rick Wilson MP.

See wild Kangaroos

See Kangaroos in the wild!

You can see Western Gray Kangaroos in the wild on the banks of the Kalgan river on any Kalgan Queen Scenic cruises tour! Kangaroo Tour

Albany Tours and Cruises

Albany apart from being the first settlement in Western Australia when it was known as Fredrickstown, it has the oldest river system in the world, the "Ancient Kalgan River" and no trip to this region is complete without a trip up the river on the local Riverboat the Kalgan Queen. Where you can learn a lot about history, bird life, Aboriginal Dreamtime and Kangaroos or you should try "Tast the Kalgan" which allows you to Cruise, taste local fresh products and wine taste.

baudin on the  kalgan river   Journey beside the kalgan river

Boating around Albany

Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruises 2017 rated number one by Tripadvisor 2021 still number one in Albany, stay calm its sheltered waters!!!


Albany Australia clipper race

Two boats collide in Albany at King George Sound during the round the World clipper race.

sunset king river

Sunset over the King River

kalgan river

The Ancient Kalgan River.

This river is believed to be the oldest river in the World. First named by the French in 1803 "The Riviera des Francais". Then by the British in 1830 "The Kalget River". Kalgets were frogs hunted by Aboriginals on the river, so they were taking the Mickey out of the French by calling it the "Frog River" at some stage it was written down incorrectly hence, "The Kalgan river". For more information go to the Things to Do button above.

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Albany Coast and Beaches

Yes I am biased when it comes to the scenic coast and beaches in and around Albany and when you get here you will find out why! You can cruise on the World's oldest river while hearing the history of Fredricktown as Albany was once called, King George Sound named by George Vancouver in 1791 or about the Whaling industry which closed in 1978. ''All aboard the award winning Riverboat the Kalgan Queen". We have listed 20 of the beaches around Albany and maps to find them the hardest thing is choosing which to visit, my advice is think what you want to do swim, fish, walk, surf, or just take in some of the best sun sets in the World. What ever you choice take the time to read through this home page which tells you a little bit about a lot, then hit the buttons above for in depth information. Enjoy a cruise with this short video.

Click above for a Scenic trip on Albany's waterways.

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Albany Whale Watching.

Whale Watching is popular in and around Albany Western Australia during the Whale watching season, which is between July and September, however to almost guarantee seeing a whale the months of July and August are normally the best. Albany was the last mainland Whaling station in Australia and closed in November 1978. Today the old station has become Whale World and along with Kalgan Queen Cruises is a must do if you want honest and interesting value for money Tours. You can see Whales from many local beaches, but start off at the lookouts between Middleton Beach and Albany Town Centre. The Southern Right Whale is the most common and is named because the early Whalers would shout when they saw it "That's the right Whale". They did this because when it was killed unlike all other whales it floated and could easily be towed and collected. For much more information on Whale Watching go to the top buttons of Whale Watching or What Things to do.

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Southern Right Whale breaching Albany

noongar aboriginal albany

Noongar Aboriginal

Albany History

Aboriginal and European history. The Noongar were the first inhabitants of what they called Kinjarling which means place of rain and they spoke Noongar. Have you wondered why so many names end in up? It means "Place of"' example Ongerup is place of the big male Kangaroo. When Major Edmund Lockyer arrived on the Brig Amity Christmas Day 1826, that's the replica of the Brig on the Albany foreshore, he on what is now called "Proclamation Day" the 21st of January 1827 named the Town Fredricktown, after King Georges brother Fredrick. It was 2 years later it became Albany and the first Western Australia settlement. For much more History go to the History button above.

george vancover in albany

The Settlers arrive.

Fishing. Salmon under the glass bottom of the Kalgan Queen, quick get the rod!

salmon under glass bottom

Fishing is great in Albany WA and this picture is taken under the glass bottom of the Kalgan Queen Riverboat. Salmon can be caught between April and October from most of the Ocean Beaches and many other species throughout the year. At this stage I wish you "Good Fishing" Return to  Albany

Fishing Climate and Weather

It is not by chance that fishing climate and weather are all together, because they can often be described in the same words. Such as:- Fantastic, Unreal, Just the best, and Wow! Albany Western Australia has a Mediterranean climate which means on average of 30 days above 30c maybe 6 light frosts a year and enough rain, about 960 ml to keep it lush green most the year. You are only 5 hours drive to escape the harsh heat of Perth and Margaret River. You can fish from the beaches or rocks [extreme caution on rocks take local advice from fishing tackle shops] or from a boat. The range of fish it is possible to catch would take a web page of its own, so we have two. Go to Beaches top button or fishing top button but don't rush enjoy this page first. For a up to date weather report and more about the climate use the weather button. When I first came to Albany I just fished of Middleton Beach Jetty for Squid Herring and Flathead, this was a great way to start, after which it just got better.

Climate and Weather in Albany a Mediterranean climate

climate and weather

I have lived in most parts of Australia and the weather and climate can make or break most holidays outings or just everyday life. What you don't want are extremes and Albany is as close to the word perfect as any where can be. Now that's extreme!

Wine Tasting in Albany is a great experience at a price you can afford.

wine tasting tours

It is nice to go for a drive through the scenic countryside around Albany WA and the wonderful Porongurup Mountain Ranges, stopping for lunch and to taste a variety of top quality wines as you go. Unlike some of the other tourist destinations, most here don't charge for wine tasting. Another great way to try our local wines is to take a Kalgan River cruise where you can learn so much plus it calls into Montgomery Hill Wines.

Anzac and War the home of Anzac and the Dawn Service.

albany home of anzac

Albany is the home of Anzac with it being King George Sound that 24 Australian 14 New Zealand and 6 Japanese ships left to go to Gallipoli, also the first Dawn Service was held at Mount Clarence by the Reverend Arthur Earnest White, who above all has taught us to remember. Lest we forget ! You will find a lot more useful facts and dates on our Anzac page.

King George Sound. The George Vancouver Pilot boat in the Sound.

pilot boat in king george sound

Lucky. King George Sound was once called King George the Thirds Sound, named by George Vancouver in 1791. It's the hub of Albany WA joining Albany and Princess Royal Harbour to Middleton Beach and Emu Point. When you drive around on Marine Dive you gaze down on some of the most spectacular Scenic Sea views in the World. So why Lucky? Because I just feel so so lucky to live here.

Lake Seppings.

rushes on albany lake seppings

Lake Sepping’s History. In 1888 the Lake was declared a Botanic Garden. Then in 1900 the Lake was named Albany Park but by 1970 it had become a rubbish tip. Department of Fisheries and Fauna recommended it became a waterfowl reserve so in response in 1973 Albany Council investigated discharging sewage into it. By 1981 the Apex Club started work on a board walk. In 2004 work was completed. WA wait a while. More information in Things to do. Return to  Albany

Albany Maps

perth to albany map

What can I tell you about Maps, well if you don't have them your lost! But Maps with things to see and do or perhaps Albany beaches and many others things shown on them can be found on our maps page and I am sure they will get you to where you want to be no hassle.


industry in albany

The Industry in Albany WA has changed over the years from being the Port mail was dropped off to be sent overland by stage coach to Perth. Also the last of the mainland Whaling stations which closed in November 1978.Woodchip Grain and Silica Sand are shipped from the Port to many destinations in the World. Tourists have always flocked to the area to enjoy the great climate ,beaches, fishing etc. This is fast growing as the rising tempreatures become to hot for many in the Perth, Margaret River districts.

Things to do and Attractions

albany king george sound

King George Sound hub of Albany.

the gap torndirrup national park

Torndirrup National Park The Gap.

old gaol museum

Old Convict Gaol Museum.

things to do on the kalgan river

Ancient Kalgan River.

west cape howe national park albany

West Cape Howe National Park

york street the centre of albany

York Street in the centre of Albany.

wine tasting albany region

Great affordable Wine Tasting.

cruise albany kalgan river

Sheltered water Kalgan Cruise's.

I have lived and Loved Albany for more than 20 years so if you are here for just a short time the above are "Must Do" But go to our Things to See and Do page you will find more than 35 other ideas to get you started. Also you can get a lot of extra information from the videos below.


Natural Rock Bridge

tornndirrup natural rock bridge

One of the wonders of Australia you will find the Natural Rock Bridge A short drive from Albany in the Torndirrup National Park.

The Gap near Albany.

take care at the gap

The Gap is a fantastic place to get close to Nature, but not to close! Stay safe in the caged area and get a real feel of just how awesome it is as the Ocean slams into the rocks shooting the Sea high into the air right beside you. Again take care on a rough day the water spray will reach the car park a 100 plus meters away. The Natural Rock Bridge and The Gap are both part of Torndirrup National Park which is one of the oldest places in the World, not only is it unique but if you come to Western Australia and don't visit this area you will have rearly missed out. I recommend you take the time to watch the short Video below.

Albany Accommodation

Albany Accommodation has a whole page to itself covering Hotels and Motels, Bed and Breakfast, plus Caravan and Camping Parks and grounds. You will find some dog friendly, but all very visitor friendly. For further information go to our Albany accommodation button at the top of the page. This page takes no commissions from accommodation houses and we try to provide you good free information to all.

Whales are seen from the lookout.

a whale seen in albany


Torndirrup National Park Return to  Albany

Bridge & The Gap where Captain Kalgan married in 1996. included in the above video is information on :- Albany Western Australia Region- Frenchman Bay- Good Beach- Bald Head- Salmon Holes- Beach Fishing- Peak Head- Humpback Whales- Stony Hill- The Lookout- Jimmy Newells Harbour- The Blowholes- Cable Beach- The Gap Natural Rock Bridge- Peak Head- Sharp Point.

Amazing Albany. Return to  Albany

Albany Western Australia, Amazing Albany.

Kalgan Queen Riverboat Cruise

All aboard! For the 4 hour Cruise {show} of a lifetime! Welcome to Albany WA and the Kalgan Queen.

Kalgan Queen Riverboat Cruise

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Great didgeridoo and Aboriginal art.

Yigi Yigi performed by David Husdon from his CD Didgeridoo Spirit.

The HMAS Perth

The HMAS Perth destroyer

The HMAS Perth destroyer

On November 24th 2001 The HMAS Perth destroyer DDG38 (Charles F Adams class) was sunk in Albany harbour Western Australia to serve as a dive wreck, it has live webcams on its mast above & below the waterline so you can see the divers & fish in real time. Its forward turret is mounted at the Anzac memorial on Mt. Clarence next to the US submariners memorial.

Important for much much more information and facts about Albany itself click on the Albany Information and the All about Albany WA button top left of the scroll bar! Return to Albany

Easy to find Albany Western Australia information for locals and tourists alike with things to do attractions accommodation maps beaches Tours cruises Whales plus much much more.